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Here is another one from Zack Smith. A very spectacular lineup of Zack and his 
                          friends on a Multiplayer flight! . Well done!
Screenshot Of The Week
G'day and welcome to my 'FS2002 Stuff' site. At the moment because it is only in 
its early stages I will only have repaints on it so it probably should be called FS2002 
Repaints. But in future there might be scenery and possibly aircraft. But that is a big 
Here is your place for requesting repaints of your own favourite planes livery or just
of an airline. Head over to the suggestions page to see how. If you have any 
suggestions or critisisms of this site just contact me via the link  over to the left of the 
I'm not here to rival the Simviations and's of this world but just to share
some of my works on my own page.

                                                                                                                Chardon Trimper
21st September
After a few days of repainting at home I have managed to get another 
few liveries finished. The default Learjet 45 looks a bit dull with its 
brown and black stripe so I have livened it up somewhat with a three 
livery pack. These are:
White with Gold and Blue
Tan with Blue and Green and
Tan with Blue and Maroon.
More info is available from with the Projects page or the Downloads 

20th September 
I have finally finished the Emery Worldwide 727 livery. It is now 
available from the downloads section.